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Industrial / Commercial


Residential & Commercial Civil/Structural

Facilities & Building Maint. Assistance

Sample Plans & Sketches

Sample Industrial Projects

Sample Civil Structural Projects

Residential > Civil/Structural Engineering

Site Property Issues

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Site Grading Plans for new homes and home-additions

  • Stream embankment stabilization

  • 1:100 year flood boundary

  • Storm water management

  • Erosion Control Measures

  • Retaining Wall Design

Home Building Issues

  • Design repairs for bowed walls

  • Foundation crack evaluation/repair design

  • Home Additions/Renovations structural only

  • Wood Framing & timber systems design

  • Reinforcement of damaged or deteriorated wood

  • Steel & Concrete analysis and design of structural systems

  • Certified Inspections for International IBC or IRC Codes

  • Assessibility Inspection and plans examiner services