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Sample Industrial Projects

Representative Industrial Projects

Annual contracts with various oil refineries providing project and program management for maintenance and engineering-type assignments

As a contract engineers has full program and administrative responsibility for several projects in the oil industry.

1. Provided full service site/civil engineering including topographical survey of roads, operating unit areas, tank farms, and building areas, drainage analysis, grading design, and other site improvements.

2. Providing full service project engineering including preparation of drawings of various refinery roadway and parking lot systems including specifications for milling, grading, new curb, new storm water collection system and resurfacing for over five miles of roads in the refinery. Prepared all contract documents including unit pricing format to affect best-cost bidding. Managed project in the field , controlled change orders, reviewed invoices for payment.

4. Engineering assessment and maintenance restoration of small and mid-span
bridges within the limits of an industrial site. Analysis to ensure compliance
with ASSHTO loading requirements

5. Program manager and owner’s representative to specialty marine consulting firms responsible for various dock/pier infrastructure projects including air hoists upgrades, boom mast replacement pipe support restoration work, water supply pump buildings, barge dock, and main ship docks.

Responsible for writing Authorizations for Expenditure for capital improvements to various units or structures, directing the preparation of engineered plans and contract documents, bidding and monitoring construction (including change orders, and invoice approval). Representative projects include

a. Mooring dolphin pile upgrade including pile encasements,
steel channel reinforcement. and applying splash zone coatings
to cell sheets

b. Buttress support of dock corners to reinforce against minor
ship impact

c. Repairs to miscellaneous structural support members including
bracing, beams and struts

d. Water supply pump house intake flume - reline with precast
concrete panels, apply high strength epoxy band around
end cells.

e. Provide front-end conceptual engineering and pricing
to install new traveling screens at intake flume

6. Sulfur Plant Diverter Valve Structural Design
Provided structural engineer services to analyze existing
pipe and valve platform, provide modifications for heavier
deverter valve platform. Provided construction support
during turnaround 2001, including shop drawing approval

7. Refinery Bundle Cleaning Pad

Provided engineered construction drawings for the construction
of a reinforced concrete bundle cleaning pad for local refineries.
Complete with inlet collection system, water and steam stations,
and adjacent site grading.

8. Knock-Out Drum Pier Structural Reinforcment

Design engineering and specifications to repair existing reinforced
concrete piers for (2) main flare knock out drums

9. Flare Stack structural analysis and stabilization for local refinery
Analysis and recommendation for guy wire stabilization for 140 ft high 16” steel pipe flare stack.

10. Structural evaluation of Large Storage Tank Foundation System
Conducted an analysis of abandoned concrete tank foundation (circa 1929) to ascertain ability to support a new atmospheric storage tank. Provided on-site core borings of concrete and wood pilings and laboratory analysis.

11. Cooling Tower Sheeting and Shoring Design
Provided detailed engineering and construction staging requirements to support an open trench necessary to replace a 66” steel cooling tower header (9 feet deep). Said trench was immediately adjacent to the cooling tower foundation