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Sample Industrial Projects

Sample Civil Structural Projects

Sample Civil Structural Projects

Representative Civil, Site & Structural Engineering Projects

1. Prepared plans and specifications and coordinated all work in the field for classroom modular buildings. Complete including site development plans,
erosion control, security fencing, attendance to all municipal meetings
and building plan permit approval.

2. Prepared plans and specs for a comprehensive paving, curb and sidewalk improvement program for several school districts or school district architects.

3. Provided structural analysis for code compliant improvements for High School Football Field Grandstand railing safety.

4. Provided analysis and engineering design for sink hole failure of parking lot at an Elementary School.

5. Provide plans and specifications for re-pointing several schools over
(3) year period. Provided contract documents and bidding strategy,
construction over-sight and shop drawing approval and invoice review/approval.

6. Provided site development plans for varsity baseball field and soccer field
complete including field survey, grading, erosion control, construction details for baseball backstop, and fencing. Prepared construction documents and provided construction oversight.

7. Site Develop Plans for 6-classroom addition; complete including
storm water management, erosion control, assisted in managing heavy groundwater infiltration during foundation construction

8. Analysis and Design for Failed Stone retaining wall. Complete
including plans and specifications to re-build stone/mortar gravity retaining along
residential property line. Failure due to hydrostatic pressure. Retained to analyze and design most cost-effective means of repair. Complete including stamped concrete to match stone, anti-graffiti coat.

9 . Prepare construction documents for bidding and construction to replace
sidewalk and correct drainage along bus drop-off area of elementary school.

10. Prepared construction documents for bidding and construction
to replace front entranceway concrete walkway, complete including
field survey, repairs to retaining wall, Code-compliant hand railing,
skid resistant steps.

11. Site Development Plans for several minor subdivisions and land development projects including; stream relocations, storm water basin
design, delineation of 1:100 yr flood boundary, steep slopes analysis, pipeline right-of-ways, PENNDOT highway occupancy permit plans, PADEP NPDES
erosion control plans, retaining wall design, PADEP sewage planning module preparation, and client representation at municipal meetings.

12. Structural engineering on an as-needed basis for various attorneys, school districts, industrial and private clients. Various projects include:

a. complete structural design engineering for a retail store, compete including foundations, roof joists, girder beams & columns (and column line layout), masonry block walls, metal stud walls, and floor slab. Partial list of projects include:

b. Reinforced masonry block building design complete including
reinforcement, bond beam, foundations, pilasters and control,
contraction joint design.

c. New substation foundation design including pile design with cap & grade beams, reinforced masonry building design with flat roof

d. Structural modifications to process manufacturing building.
Analyzed existing masonry and steel building and raised roof of one bay to accommodate a new 52 foot high processing unit. Prepared construction plans
and specifications. Provided construction support services.

e. Pipe Support analysis and design for overloaded pipe racks,
or adding new pipes to existing supports.