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Industrial / Commercial


Residential & Commercial Civil/Structural

Facilities & Building Maint. Assistance

Sample Plans & Sketches

Sample Industrial Projects

Sample Civil Structural Projects

Facilities and Building Maintenance Assistance

Facilities-related Work Scope and Bid Package Development for  Various items such as roof repairs, flashing, downspouts,  Door & window replacement, On-Call Maintenance Contracts,  and other building items.

  • Retaining Walls, small-span  Bridges

  • Brick, stone, masonry, crack & repointing design repairs

  • Reinforced concrete, masonry & wood  design

  • Foundation wall crack evaluation and design repair

  • Structural steel (buildings, platforms & support  structures)


Civil / Site Development

  • Storm Drainage, Surveying, Grading,  Erosion Control, Work Scope

  • Bid Package Development for Athletic Fields and

  • General Field Maintenance Contracts.


Parking Lots, Roadways, Tennis Courts

  • Resurfacing,  Pothole, Seal Coating & Re-grading

  • Design, Specifications, and Bidding Docs for restoration repairs