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Adult Learning Hints for Effective ToolBox Talks

When preparing to teach adults it is important to understand how adults learn and how their learning differs from that of younger learners.

School Learner Adult Learner
One focus – school Many responsibilities – job, family, other
Relys on others what is to be learned Decides for themselves what is important
Memorizes Evaluates and applies information
Not sure or even concludes learned material is not useful Expects learned material to be useful on the job or in their lives immediately
  Changing Behaviors
  First requires an understanding that people learn differently. Therefore, ones communications style must connect with their learning style. Field-type personnel are gifted with hands-on type learning styles, while office-types are comfortable with visual (hands-off) type learning. That's why written material doesn't always reinforce learning. Especially in the field! Learn how to connect.

Learning Transfer

"Tell me, and I’ll forget,
Show me, and I’ll learn,
Involve me, and I’ll understand."

Ben Franklin