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Refresher Training for the Skilled Craftsmen

A common glitch in the field: They didn’t build it per our company standards (or ANSI, or ASME or AISC, or IBC).

More times than none, that craftsmen has never seen those standards or specifications. Knowing why something must be done is motivation to do it right. If you don’t use it, you lose it. From Sewage to Surgery, skilled professionals must keep up and refresh-up with continuing training for proper effectiveness.

Refresher Training of your company’s technical and maintenance standards using “adult-learning techniques" tailored to meet your needs and your budget.


"Small minds discuss people.
Average minds discuss events.
Great minds discuss ideas."

-Admiral Hyman Rickover, US Navy

"Old people aren't forgetful.
They've just learned that most things aren't worth remembering."

-Gary Apple, Humorist