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Foreman and Supervisors Cultural Change

Published articles by N. Cirilli, PE

Foremen and Supervisors

Your Supervisory Belief System is your Organization’s Culture

Old Work Contract    > > > > New Deal Contract
Command & Control   > > > > Self-managed, self organizing
1930’s   > > > > 21st Century
Patriarch Partner
Drives, Scolds & Threatens Coaches & Teaches
Depends on Authority Builds Goodwill
Top Down Goals & Objectives Bottom up alignment of top’s goals
Keeps workers guessing Builds Open Trust
Talks a good talk Models & Mentors Right Behavior
Finds Blame Fixes Problems
Dumps Delegates effectively
Lives for the Perform.Evaluation Lives to contribute uniquely
Works to do a job Works to serve others & learn
Treats other dept’s as adversaries Treats other dept’s as customers
Health & Safety as a hindrance H & S as a productive element
Promise of Job Security No job security, just opportunities
Judges others by race, color, gender Value Diversity in workforce

"If all I know how to use is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail."

-Abraham Maslow