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Cirilli Associates, Inc., incorporated in 1990 established its roots through Nick Cirilli’s 15 plus years of previous experience in the municipal and industrial sector. In addition, Cirilli’s strong desire to teach and coach led to providing Management consulting and professional development and training services utilizing his experiences as a provider of engineering services.

Our associate staff of registered and certified professionals continues to successfully meet the full range of industrial, municipal, institutional and private client-type challenges that are presented in today’s rapidly changing global climate.

Our philosophy is one of continuously striving to not only conform to technical specifications, but to fully meet client expectations. And when necessary, educate our clients when their expectations are not in alignment with the reality of the situation.

From project conception through completion, our professionals work closely with client representatives, attorneys, architects and community groups to achieve our client’s objective in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cirilli Associates, Inc. is client-driven to deliver a technical service, rather than project-driven to deliver a technical service.

In addition to the engineering consulting services, Nick Cirilli provides management consulting and professional development services to the industrial, municipal and private-sector clients. Training is delivered, utilizing adult-mastery learning techniques, and tailored to the day to day activities of the client’s work environment.

Cirilli Associates, Inc. organizational philosophy

“Employment” is an organizational strategy for providing professional talent, as is “out-sourcing” yet another strategy for providing professional talent. Cirilli Associates, Inc. practices the philosophy of outsourcing to individuals (or firms) who are distinct in their fields. With the specialization (and sub-specialization) of the engineering and training profession, this offers the best approach to providing a quality service at a reasonable fee. Cirilli Associates, Inc. has a long standing, on-going relationship with each of its key associates. Nick Cirilli, PE provides principal oversight, for all work performed by the associate firms.

Cirilli Associates, Inc. offers on-site training tailored
to meet your specific needs for managers,
supervisors and craft personnel

Client - not Technically - driven to provide a Technical Service

Striving to fully meet specifications AND Expectations

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