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Nick Cirilli, PE, PLS, NSPE

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Penn State Univ., 1973, B.S. Civil Engineering
Widener Univ., 1979, M.S. Structural Engineering

ACTIVE REGISTRATIONS (unless stated otherwise):
1977, Pa., Civil/Structural, P.E. # 25488-E
1982, Pa., Surveying, R.S., # SU-001137-A
1988, Maryland, Civil/Structural, P.E. #16428
1990, Delaware, Civil/Structural, P.E. # 7632
1991, New Jersey, Civil/Structural, P.E. # GE 35929
1975, Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer, Pa. #00270 (inactive)
1983, Pa., Sewage Treatment Plant Operator, # S6784 (inactive)
1988, Nevada State Contractor's Licensee (for Henkels & McCoy Inc.) # 0026326 (inactive)


Consulting Engineering

Mr. Cirilli founded Cirilli Associates, Inc. in 1990.He brings over 30 years of diversified experience in directing, managing, and engineering, various structural/site development, institutional, residential, and industrial-type projects.

As the Director of Engineering for his previous employer (Henkels & McCoy, 1985-90), had profit center responsibilities for a full-service, multi-disciplined, 120-person organization, including architectural, mech., elec., civil/struc., corrosion and communications, with several branch offices.

Prior to Henkels & McCoy, Cirilli worked at the former BP Oil, Marcus Hook Refinery (1978-1985) where he held various positions including the Superintendent, Maintenance Planning, responsible for storehouse operations, routine, turnaround and project planning.

Is currently a consultant to various clients including oil refineries, municipalities, school districts, architects, industrial and private entities, assisting in the project management, civil/structural engineering of building systems, including roofs, foundations, structural steel, wood framing, reinforced concrete and masonry block design, and site plans, parking areas, and retaining walls.

Provides Maintenance Engineering to a variety of clients regarding infrastructure, structural steel, piping supports, equipment foundations and various building components.

Actively practices civil/site engineering including; site development, ordinance review, grading, paved areas, site drainage, erosion control, storm water management, storm water collection, sanitary sewer design, and general peer review of plans for various clients.

Is a recognized “expert” of the court in Delaware County, Pa. (Gambone versus Zampardi, 1993-96) in matters pertaining to steep slope stability and erosion control, and site drainage (Kemp versus Sharon Hill Swim Club, 1995), (Scallan versus Sweeney, 1994), and (Rankin versus JR Paving, 1997, Clara Rankin, Esq.). And pertaining to structural matters: Pellegrino versus owner, July ‘97, Judge Proud. Chambers versus Jones Termite Co., Sept.’97, Arbitration Panel. Brown versus Home Inspector, (masonry bsmt wall), Feb. 2000, Chester Co. Arbitration Panel. BVE versus Quaker Construction (re: Penncrest HS), Feb., 2001, Judge Abraham, Phila.Courts, Charsha/Hemphill v Allstate Insurance, Jan.’04, Judge Cody, Chester County Courts (imminent structural failure of twin homes), Vollmer v Jack Donald standard of care case, Nov,05 Delaware Co Arbitration Panel.

Conducts investigations and professional opinion reports for clients on the structural integrity of wood frame, concrete/masonry/stone structures including foundation walls, sagging roof systems, sidewalks, steps and walkway areas as it pertains to code compliance, and safe walking surfaces. Has assisted attorneys in numerous slip, trip, fall cases as it pertains to the condition of the walking surface. Investigates and reports on structures that have been damaged or weakened by various means.

Has conducted numerous studies and reports for realtors, individual homeowners and attorneys on the structural integrity of residential and other units that have been damaged or weakened by various means

Was the recipient of the Delaware County Chapter (Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers) 1991 Engineer or the Year award. Also, was the recipient of Nether Providence Township’s Official Recognition Resolution (1991) for contributions to the

Township in the areas of storm water management and erosion control.

Served as the alternate Township Engineer for Nether Providence Township for over 17 years (1978 - 1995). Served on the Nether Providence Environmental Advisory Board for over 14 years (1978 -92). Assisted James Swindell, PE as Central Delaware

County Authority Engineer (2000-03) in matters involving 22 miles of sanitary sewer plus a pump station.
Currently is serving as Aston Twp’s alternate engineer on various projects (since Jan. 2000)

Management Consultant

Is a consultant to various technical companies assisting in the technical and business operations to improve both technical quality and overall financial performance. Provides a variety of training to technical companies in the areas; of supervisory skills, leadership, team building, collaboration, and other professional development topics. Has developed an accredited one-day workshop entitled, “Owning Your Behavior - Interpersonal Skill Awareness for Engineers and Technical Professionals. (7.0 PDH’s through the National Society of Professional Engineers, Washington, DC). Author of several publications including in the Journal of Management in Engineering (ASCE, May/June’97 issue) article entitled “Baggage our Baggage”.

Published in the Chester County Assoc., of Realtors, and Press Newspapers of Delaware County, (April,’99), article entitled “Termite Repairs - Beware of the Sister” Published in the Journal of Management in Engineering (ASCE, May/June ‘97 issue) article entitled “Bagging our Baggage”. Also, author of a one-day accredited workshop entitled “Owning your Behavior - Interpersonal Skill Awareness for Technical Professionals”, (7.0 PDH’s).


Pa. Society of Professional Engineers (Delaware Co. Chapter) active since 1974 various posts, past president (85,86) , current ; chairman of Mathcounts Fundraising Committee (since 1985), Engineer of the Year Committee member and Public Relations Chairman (since 1991)

Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (since 1977)

Member, American Society of Training and Development (since 1997)

Professional & Volunteer Recognitions

  • Engr of the Year (1991)
  • Clergy, Engr Hailed for Civil Service (1992)
  • Soccer Coach of the Year (1995)
  • Inducted into Hall of Fame (2008)
  • Delco PSPE 75th Anniversary (2009)
  • EPYSA (Soccer) Youth Service Award (2015)
  • Passing of "Uncle Joe" (2016)