Cirilli  Associates,  Inc.

an engineering & management consulting company

Client Driven


Our Mission is to meet and strive to exceed client-expectations in providing technical solutions that are practical, creative, and cost-effective, with Quality, Integrity, and Client-Sensitivity.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of the human experience through our service of providing engineering and technical solutions to our clients.

Our Values in accomplishing our mission are centered upon a staff of dedicated professionals embracing a core-value system of:

  • Conducting our duties with the highest degree of professionalism and ethical conduct.
  • Pursuing excellence in all facets of service through life-long learning and continuous improvement, both technically and interpersonally. To come to work – ready to learn or ready to teach.
  • Serving clients centered around “Work Teams”. Recognizing that teams produce far better results over what a single member could accomplish individually.
  • Respecting everyone, especially those with which we may disagree.
  • Knowing the importance of “recognition”. From “thank you” to “well done”, to “let’s find a better way”.
  • Earning Trust among everyone, and recognizing that “earning” is a continuous personal action with both clients and staff.
  • Being responsible and accountable to listen effectively and carefully, making sure all communications are mutually understood by all parties, especially our clients.

Nick Cirilli, PE
Founder, President/CEO


“Client-driven” to deliver technical solutions.

Cirilli Associates, Inc.’s philosophy is one of continuously striving to exceed client expectations while conforming to technical specifications. At every step of the way, we provide clear, rational solutions that assist our clients to make fully informed decisions for the reality of their environment.


The key; “listening”, carefully listening to what the client is looking for, and what the client expects. That is being “client driven”.